FermLine - FermFix

Single Tank Temperature Controller
2 Models !


  • Simple and clear operation
  • Informative display with high contrast LED lighting for distance sighting. Simultaneous display of the measured and the set-temperatures, control-mode and the activity
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Temperature indication from -9,9 to +99,9°C, suitable for measuring high temperature processes such as pasteurization, beer mashing, sugar syrup for CSD etc.
  • Robust water resistant housing, IP67
  • Integrated safety backup for data protection during electric power-out
  • With PC data interface for control over Ferm-Software
  • Can be locked by code – a single controller or the whole installation at once
  • Integration into the bus system VinInfo possible.


Technical Details

  • Temperature range: from -9,9 to +99,9°C (from 14,2 to 211,8°F)
  • Power supply: 24V AC +/- 10%
  • Output: 24V AC / 2,5A
  • Operation modes: cooling, heating, cooling and heating, display, off
  • Regulation structure: 2-point (heating or cooling), 3-point (heating and cooling)
  • Electr. connection: 6m cable, with (VARIO) or without plug (FIX)
  • Protection type (controller): IP 67.




The temperature regulator FermFix is designed for measuring and regulating tank temperature. The FermFix includes a BUS-interface for connection to a computer and control over software. With its fixed temperature sensor it is designed to be fixed into the immersion socket in the tank, which allows the user to set or re-set the temperature right at the tank.

The controller’s double display shows the actual (measured) and the required temperature (set-point) in two separate displays.  Additionally, a LED light shows the actual mode of operation: cooling or heating. Adjustment of tank temperature can be made either physically on the FermFix at the tank or in the office using the Ferm-Software installed on a Server PC (option). Using the software allows easy and quick analysis of the measured data, data-saving of finished fermentations for later evaluation and archiving. Software access is enabled over lap-top and mobile phone over safe internet access. The new FermLine controllers can be locked by code – single units or the whole installation at once via BUS system - to prevent temperature modification by unauthorized personnel. The FermLine controllers can also be completely integrated in the bus system VinInfo.

The FermFix temperature regulators are available in two configurations: with pre-wired plug (VARIO) or with free cable end (FIX). For each model we offer the corresponding sockets and connection boxes – FIX or VARIO – for running a comfortable and simple installation.

The temperature controller FermFix is the ideal solution for every producer of beverages who wishes to have the temperature displayed and control right at the tank. Additional controllers for additional tanks can be integrated into your installation at any time. Software control can also be added at any future time for control from the office or from travel over internet.


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