QUANTOR-KREYER units are to be found in over 70 countries around the world!

The following is a small extract of our long reference list. Please contact us if you require further information.
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Cave coopérative de Pourcieux - 83470 Pourcieux / France

Cooling unit Quantor Q10016 with Total Heat Recovery

This big Quantor cooling unit (~ 1.000 kW) has been installed at a cooperative in the South of France, together with our distributor for this region.


Cooling unit Quantor (200 kW) with Heat Recovery + Buffer tanks hot and cold

Brasserie Artisanale - France

VinInfo with INOX-Touchscreen + Yeast-Booster PRO + KSE PLUS

This brewery in the South-West of France has been equipped with our VinInfo-system for control, regulation and information, with INOX touchscreen 42" hanging on the cellar wall for immediate acces while working. Of course, the system can also be managed from the VinInfo-server in the office.
Lots of additional Quantor-equipment is used in this brewery: Quantor PRO cooling unit Q241R, Dual-Zone Changer, steam generator TopHeat, yeast activator Yeast-Booster PRO, flotation pump KSE Plus 4000, ...

La Tour Melas - 35300 Achinos / Greece

Cooling unit Q922R + FermBox (20) with software + thermo fans SD 73

The winery 'La Tour Melas' owned by Kyros Melas produces about 150.000 bottles of wine per year. They have installed a Q822 - the first cooling unit of the new QUANTOR series in Greece.
In the following years a control cabinet type FermBox (20) with Ferm-Software as well as 3 thermo fans type SD 73 have been added to complete the installation.
The Q822 has been replaced by a Q922R - as heating possibility is also needed. Moreover, this new unit is equipped with heat recovery option to guarantee a better use of energy.

Statement of Mr. Kyros Melas, owner:
"With QUANTOR-KREYER and the help of their area sales manager Mr. Alexandrakis I have been advised to choose the best machinery and I got the best service I have ever experienced."

Alma Valley Winery - Crimea

Cooling units LAC 420 + NCEP 1804R + VinInfo for more than 150 Tanks

Alma Valley Winery is located on the Crimea peninsula, in the valley of the Alma River. The new and very modern winery became operational.
The cooling units have been delivered and started up by Kreyer technical team, the VinInfo was completed started up by our service technician Peter Alten.

Mykonos Brewing Company - 35600 Argyraina / Greece

Cooling unit NCEP 431

The unit's start-up has was done, by our Greek representative George Alexandrakis.

Statement of Mykonos Brewing Team:
"With the ever-increasing craft beer demand across the globe, building a sustainable, expandable and efficient brewery in the heart of the Greek-island heat was a challenging and risky task. Teaming up with KREYER was by far the best choice given the plants size and remoteness. We raise our glasses to the KREYER team for the outstanding quality and direct technical presence."