Cooling Tube KRI

Flexible, various sizes


  • Cooling or heating of must or wine
  • Biological reduction of acids
  • Wine stabilization
  • Regulation of fermentation temperature
  • Cool storage of wine until bottling


Technical Details

  • Six models available: KRI 06 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 50 / 80
  • Length: 0,60m – 8,00m, according to the model
  • For containers from 500lt to 8,000lt, according to model
  • Fittings: Inlet ½” male (outer thread); outlet ½” female (inner thread)
  • Suitable for barrel openings from min. DIN 40
  • Max. work pressure: 3 bar




The flexible heat-exchange tubes type KRI are especially suited for cooling or heating of small containers. The tubes are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a flexible PVC inner-tube. The concept allows fitting sufficient heat-exchange surface into the tank also in tight places, such as cellars with a low or arched ceiling.

The cooling tubes KRI are suitable for application in stainless steel, concrete, enamel or PVC tanks as well as in barrels. A main advantage is that they can be fitted immediately also into full containers, for example through the hole on top of the barrel.

The KRI heat-exchange tube will be hung through the opening at the top of the container. Cold water will circulate through the plates in the system. The cooling energy will be transferred to the fermenting medium and the naturally emanating heat from the fermentation process will be absorbed and removed. The KRI tubes are equally suitable for heating.


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