The WTG-Quantor GmbH is internationally recognized under the brands QUANTOR and KREYER as a leading specialist in the development, distribution, and installation of advanced cooling and temperature control systems in the wine, beer, fruit juice, and spirits industry.

Our proven range of KREYER cooling and temperature control systems, which have set standards for decades, is complemented by an innovative, computer-assisted system. This includes precise control of fermentation temperature, CO2 measurement, micro-/macro-oxygenation, and room temperature control. Additionally, we offer individually adaptable heat exchangers and air conditioning units.

Our WTG sales team is at your service to plan and design customized systems for temperature control in the beverage industry. Simultaneously, we provide on-site advice to customers and businesses to optimize technical systems to specific requirements.

Today, the brands QUANTOR and KREYER are established worldwide and represented through a network of sales offices, distributors, and service partners. Our global presence allows us to offer innovative solutions for temperature regulation that meet the highest standards.