Heat transfer panels EP

Large range of sizes and models


  • Cooling or heating of must or wine
  • Biological reduction of acids
  • Wine stabilization
  • Regulation of fermentation temperature
  • Cool storage of wine until bottling


Technical Details

  • Various models / sizes available
  • For containers between 500lt and 100.000lt according to model / size and number of plates
  • Panels for bigger containers available - please enquire
  • Fittings: ½” or ¾", 300mm (from them 100 treaded), according to model / size
  • Max. work pressure: 3 bar




The heat-exchange plates EP allow perfect control of the temperature during alcoholic fermentation and biological reduction of acids. They are made of stainless steel with an electro-polished surface.

These panels are available in many sizes and can therefore be accurately selected for your application. The EP plates are suitable for application in stainless steel, concrete, enamel or PVC tanks as well as in barrels. Also larger tanks and containers can be cooled with the EP  heat-exchange plates.

The panels are to be placed inside the tank and connected to the water system. Cold water supplied by the cooling-unit will circulate through the plates in the system. The cooling energy will be transferred to the fermenting medium and the naturally emanating heat from the fermentation process will be absorbed and removed. The EP plates are equally suitable for heating.


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