Thermo Fan SD-S

Robust and efficient - available in 4 sizes
For rooms up to 2.500 m³


  • Aesthetic design; very low-noise
  • Robust construction: high resistance to thermal shocks (high and low temperatures)
  • Improved hygiene through rounded angles (no small corners where bacteria may set-in)
  • Equipped with one or more ventilators (each Ø 300 mm)
  • Easy to install

Technical Details

  • Four types: SD-S 35 / 73 / 110 / 148
  • Capacity: approx. 4,5 kW – 18,8 kW
  • Room size: approx. 500 m³ - 2.500 m³
  • Voltage: 230V/1Ph/50–60Hz




The fan coil ventilators type SD-S are suitable for the cooling and heating of large rooms and halls (room sizes from 500 - 2,500 m³) at positive, human-comfort ambient temperatures. This is done by using cold or hot water supplied by the cooling unit, that is also used for fermentation control, for example. The  units can be smoothly integrated in existing systems.

The SD-s range is available in four different sizes, with performances from 4,5 to 18,8 kW, depending on the ambient conditions.

The housing of the SD-S series is made of robust lacquered, galvanized steel for high material durability. The use of mostly non-oxidizing components combine to make a device designed to be used in damp surroundings like wine cellars, cooling rooms or store rooms.


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