Regulation, Control and Information System
BUS system, modular !


  • Tank temperature control
  • Pumps and cooling unit control
  • Dosing of oxygen (micro/macro process)
  • Fermentation by CO2 emission levels (sugar conversion)
  • Air-cooling and humidity level control
  • Timed-operation equipment (air-punching, pumped-flooding of the tank)
  • Reports, graphs and archive



  • Modular Bus system
  • One Bus-cable line from tank to tank and therefore a minimal set up effort
  • Maximal safety in case of power failure with support of the Terminal
  • CO2 emissions control, micro/macro oxygenation and much more
  • Saves energy, improves quality and makes work easier
  • Flexible usage and expansion possibilities
  • User friendly software.




The VinInfo is a modular system in every aspect. The building-blocks of the VinInfo management system are the BU - the ‘Basic Unit’. Each tank and each additional item (pumps, room acclimatization units etc.) is regulated by its own BU. All BU in the cellar are connected with a single BUS cable running between them and then to the Server-PC. More BU’s for control of additional equipment can be added at any time, at any place along the cable line – cut (the cable) and connect (another BU).

Flexible all-able system – the VinInfo can control and display all of the following information and electronic equipment and many other winery equipment and process:

  • ŸTank temperature control
  • ŸPumps and cooling unit control
  • ŸDosing of oxygen (micro/macro process)
  • ŸFermentation by CO2 emission levels (sugar conversion)
  • ŸAir-cooling and humidity level control
  • ŸTimed-operation equipment (air-punching, pumped-flooding of the tank)
  • ŸReports, graphs and archive

All can be measured and controlled from your office PC or from your laptop PC during the weekend or business travel over intranet or internet. The unique clip-in design of the VinInfo BU allows very easy and practical installation at minimal expenditure. A single BUS cable runs from one BU to the next. VinInfo Terminals located at intervals on the winery walls give an immediate display of each tank’s values and room temperature values. It provides 12 hour emergency service up-holding the data in case of a power-out. The Terminal is related to the Server PC as a master-and-slave system, and will overtake control in case of power-out.

The system permits safe distance-access through the internet from anywhere in the world. New: automatic alarm messages can be sent to you by eMail to report tank temperature malfunction, cooling unit power-out and other selected warning information about your VinInfo installation. Therefore the server must have Internet connection, but no additional hardware is needed. Alternatively, alarm messages can also be sent to your mobile phone by the SMS Module (extra hardware).


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