Temperature Control System, centralised
3 Sizes - 2 versions each !


  • Central control cabinet available in three sizes - for up to 30 / 40 / 50 tanks
  • Two different models - cabinet in coated steel or in stainless steel
  • Separate displays for the set-temperature and the actual temperature
  • Optical alarm signal
  • Heating and cooling possible
  • Two integrated free relays for pump control: one for heating and one for cooling
  • With PC data interface for control over Ferm-Software
  • Integration into the bus system VinInfo possible.


Technical Details

  • Controller:

    • Temperature range: -9,9 - +99,9°C (14,2 - 211,8°F)
    • Output: 24V AC / 30VA
    • Regulation structure: 3-point / PI / PID
    • Operation modes: Cooling / Heating / Cooling & Heating / Display / Off

  • Control cabinet:

    • Power supply: 230V / 1Ph / 50-60Hz
    • Protection type: IP55




The control cabinet FermBox offers a very convenient and efficient method of electronic temperature control. The cabinet is installed on the wall, at a central point in the wine cellar or in the brewery. For each tank to be controlled a FermBox control card is included. Therefore the temperatures of all tanks can be viewed at a glance and the settings can be changed on the spot. Having made the initial installation, adding a control card for a new tank in an already installed cabinet, is done by simply clicking it into place.

The FermBox control unit receives its input through a cable-type sensor (available as an accessory) which is placed in the thermo-well of the respective tank. The controllers are designed in such a way that temperatures are optimally visualised: There are two seperate displays for the pre-set temperature and the measured temperature (is temperature). The operation mode of the controller - cooling or heating - is indicated on a LED display. Moreover the control cabinet has two integrated  relays for pump control: one for heating and one for cooling.

The FermBox control cabinets are equipped with a PC interface, so that the temperature settings can be adjusted either physically on the cabinet or in the office using the Ferm-Software installed on a Server PC. Software management is optional and can be added in time. Using the software allows easy and quick analysis of the measured data, data-saving of finished fermentations for later evaluation and archiving. Software access is enabled over lap-top and mobile phone over safe internet access. The FermBox can also be completely integrated in the bus system VinInfo.

The cabinets are available in three different sizes – for up to 30, 40 or 50 controllers (one controller per tank). The FermBox cabinets are available in coated steel and in stainless steel.

It is possible to add more controllers afterwards if the maximum number of controllers (30 /40 / 50) is not needed for the initial installation.


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Temperature Control System, centralised
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