FermLine - FermFlex-Box

Temperature Control System, centralised
3 Sizes !


  • Central control cabinet available in three sizes - for up to 10, 20 or 30 tank
  • One pre-installed controller per tank
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Simple and clear operation
  • Informative display with high contrast LED lighting for distance sighting. Simultaneous display of the measured and the set-temperatures, control-mode and the activity
  • Temperature indication from -9,9 to +99,9°C, suitable for measuring high temperature processes such as pasteurization, beer mashing, sugar syrup for CSD etc.
  • Two integrated collective relays for pump control: one for heating and one for cooling
  • Integrated double safety chip for data protection during electric power-out
  • With PC data interface for control over Ferm-Software
  • Can be locked by code – a single controller or the whole installation at once
  • Integration into the bus system VinInfo possible.


Technical Details

  • Controller:

    • Temperature range: from -9,9 to +99,9°C (from 14,2 to 211,8°F)
    • Output: 24V AC / 2,5A
    • Regulation structure: 2-point (heating or cooling), 3-point (heating and cooling)
    • Regulation mode: Cooling / Heating / Cooling & Heating / Display / Off

  • Control cabinet:

    • Power supply: 230V / 1Ph / 50/60Hz
    • Protection type: IP55




The elegant stainless-steel control cabinet FermFlex-Box serves to control tanks temperature automatically, from a central point in the wine cellar or in the brewery. For each tank to be controlled a FermFlex-Box control card is included. Therefore the temperatures of all tanks can be viewed at a glance and the settings can be changed on the spot.

The FermFlex-Box control unit receives its input through a cable-type sensor (available as an accessory) which is placed in the thermo-well of the respective tank. The controllers are designed in such a way that temperatures are optimally visualised: There are two separate displays for the pre-set temperature and the measured temperature (is temperature). The operation mode of the controller - cooling or heating - is indicated on a LED display. Moreover the control cabinet has two integrated  relays for pump control: one for heating and one for cooling.

The FermFlex-Box control cabinets are equipped with a PC interface so that the temperature settings can be adjusted either physically on the cabinet or in the office using the Ferm-Software installed on a Server PC (option). Using the software allows easy and quick analysis of the measured data, data-saving of finished fermentations for later evaluation and archiving. Software access is enabled over lap-top and mobile phone over safe internet access. The new FermLine controllers can be locked by code – single units or the whole installation at once via BUS system - to prevent temperature modification by unauthorized personnel. The FermFlex-Box can also be completely integrated in the bus system VinInfo.

The cabinets are available inthree different sizes – for 10, for 20 or for 30 controllers (one controller per tank). With this new generation of FermFlex-Box it is possible to add more controllers afterwards if the maximum amount of controllers (10 / 20 / 30) is not needed for the initial installation.


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