Tube-in-Tube Cooling Unit / Heat-Pump SR

Mobile Cooling Unit - Cooling and Heating
29,0 - 85,0 kW


  • Water temperature range from -5°C to +45°C (from 23°F to 113°F)
  • Ambient temperature range from +5°C to +32°C (from 41°F to 89,6°F)
  • Mobile unit
  • All parts that come in contact with the treated medium are made of stainless steel


  • Direct cooling or heating of must for preclearing or at the beginning of fermentation
  • Tartaric stabilisation of wines
  • Warming up wine from storage to bottling temperature
  • Biological reduction of acids
  • Regulation of fermentation temperature
  • Cool storage of wine until bottling
  • Applications in the sparkling-wine industry
  • Cooling of liquids with particles such as unfiltered juice
  • Air cooling of the cellar in combination with additional equipment (thermo-fans and accessories)

Technical Details

  • Available in four models: SR 9 / 11 / 17 / 32
  • Cooling capacity: 29 – 85,0 KW (24 936 - 73 100 Kcal)
  • Heating capacity:  29 – 85,0 KW (24 936 - 73 100 Kcal)
  • Electrical supply: 400V/3Ph/50Hz (other options by inquiry)
  • Connection (thread) type: Mâcon



Important information


The SR are mobile direct-cooling and heating units, consisting of a cooling aggregate in the upper part and a tubular heat exchanger in the lower part. Heating is performed in the Heat-Pump operation mode. The SR is designed to treat any substance from destalked-grapes to wine, sparkling wine, water, cider, fruit juice and distillates.

The casing of the unit as well as all parts that come in contact with the treated medium are made of stainless steel. The ventilation grills are lacquered in black. Due to its four wheels, this SR unit is easy to manoeuvre. This allows the user to cool or to heat even single tanks or other containers, as required, without the expenditure in an installation. For example: starting a stopped fermentation by heating the tank content. An external cellar-pump for the medium is controlled by the SR’s control panel.

The cooling units of the SR series are available in four different sizes / capacities, from 29 to 85 kW. They are ideal for small and medium wineries which require the option to heat their wine as well as to cool it and who want to benefit from great flexibility in use. Due to its direct treatment of the medium, the SR offers the most efficient way for cooling or heating.


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