Water Re-Cooler Q672-Q2262/Q1434-Q2174

Fixed Cooling Unit - Cooling and Heating
66,7 - 225,3 kW


  • Large range of features in standard
  • Reversible unit - Heat-pump
  • Large range of options for choice
  • Outlet temperature down to -10°C


  • Cooled fermentation of wine, beer and other beverages
  • Wort cooling
  • Cold maceration and tartaric stabilisation of wines
  • Heating of stabilized wine or cold storage of wine before bottling
  • Room temperating of halls and storage rooms - with additional fan coils

Technical Details

  • Available in fifteen sizes - Q672 to Q2262 with one cooling circuit, Q1434 to Q2174 with two cooling circuits
  • All models available as standard units (cooling only) or reversible units (cooling and heating)
  • Cooling capacity: 66,7 - 225,3 kW
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Electric connection: 400V/3Ph/50Hz



Important information


Quantor is an air-cooled cooling units series, which was developed specifically for the beverages industry. It is a solution which is made-to-measure for manufacturers who need to cool (or also heat), or control the temperature of the medium during the manufacture process, for example for cold maceration, cold settling, fermentation control, wine stabilization, brew mashcooling to stop the enzymes activity, cooling for lager storage and conditioning, fast cooling of mixed-drinks and syrup in heatexchangers (glycol-water temperature down to -10°C possible, dependent on the ambient conditions). The reversible heating units can warm-up cold-stored wine before bottling. Room temperating by cooling or heating the air is also possible with additional fan-equipment.

The Quantor units Q672 - Q2262 in capacities from approx. 67 kW to 226 kW units are solid long-life base units. They are designated to be placed outdoors, at environment temperatures from -10°C to +46°C.

The units are equipped in standard with anti-vibration mounts, flow-switch, high-pressure and low-pressure controller, water filter, micro processor, main switch (can be locked) and many more features. In addition to that, this new series of Quantor units also comes with stainless steel pipes (water-side) and with an optimized condenser construction for more efficient heat-transfer.

To complete this extensive standard equipment and to adapt it perfectly to the particular application, we offer many features to the user’s choice such as: hydraulic module (integrated pump), integrated water tank in stainless steel, protection grills, electrical protection for areas with unstable networks, and more.


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