Water Re-Cooler Quantor Plus Q+2424 - Q+11069

Fixed Cooling Unit - Cooling and Heating
up to more than 1000kW


  • Large range of features in standard
  • Reversible unit - Heat-pump
  • Large range of options for choice
  • Water Temperature Range: from -10°C to +8°C (warm water up to +60°C)


  • Cooled fermentation of wine, beer and other beverages
  • Wort cooling
  • Cold maceration and tartaric stabilisation of wines
  • Heating of stabilized wine or cold storage of wine before bottling
  • Room temperating of halls and storage rooms - with additional fan coils

Technical Details

  • Available in many sizes - from Q2424 to Q11069, standard units (cooling only) or reversible units (cooling and heating).
  • Cooling capacity of more than 1,000 kW
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Also available in the power range above 244* kW

* By given water regime.


The new Quantor PLUS series with environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 is now also available in the capacity range above 244* kW. There are 17 bigger models - Q+2424 - Q+11069 - up to a capacity of more than 1.000 *kW.

The units have been developed specifically for beverages production such as wine, beer, spirits and juices. The modular build offers many optional features which further adapt each unit to its designated production task. All units may be built in the reversible mode to function also as a heat-pump.

The units are designed to be placed outdoors. Due the elegant outlines of the unit, it can easily assimilate into any environment.

This series of large Quantor PLUS units also comes with stainless steel pipes (water-side) and with newly developed copper-aluminium condenser allowing a significant reduction of the refrigerant charge.

This combination of a lower refrigerant load in general and the use of the highly efficient refrigerant gas R32 leads to a remarkable reduction of the negative impact on the environment, which is why the Quantor PLUS range represent a very sustainable, future-proof investment.

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