Steam Generator TopHeat ACE

Compact and mobile


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Mobile unit - on rolls
  • Matching steam hose available in 5m or individual length


  • Cleaning of tanks and other machines
  • Cleaning of filters
  • Suitable for wine cellars or other areas in the beverage and food industry

Technical Details

  • Two models: TopHeat ACE 12 / 16
  • Heating power: 12,0 / 16,0 kW


The new steam generator TopHeat ACE is conceived for the continuous and unlimited production of steam. Thanks to the fast heating-up time and continuous steam generation, there are no long waiting times or compulsory breaks. Also the low water consumption makes the use of this unit very efficient.

All parts of TopHeat ACE that come into contact with water and steam are made of stainless steel. The units are mobile due to their wheels.

TopHeat ACE can be used successfully wherever quick, thorough and hygienic cleaning is required: it is ideally suited for cleaning filters, tanks and machines in the wine industry, but it also has applications in the food industry for thorough cleaning also of halls, floors and open spaces.

We offer corresponding steam tubes in different diameters, with a length of 5m or with individual length.


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