Central Oxygen Manager


  • Application of oxygen in gas form to mash, must or wine
  • Suited to both Micro- and Macro-oxygenation
  • Central, wall mounted, water-proof cabinet made of stainless steel.
  • Integrated pressure reducer (from 5 bar to 1,5 bar)
  • Easy operation, LED lit display, user-friendly buttons configuration and software, several operation languages
  • Enabled for management over VinInfo software (optional)


  • Timer option:
    The timer-option frees the winemaker from having to control the dosing time manually. Micro-oxygenation can be set for three months in advance, releasing the winemaker from the need to remember to switch it off in time. Using this feature is possible in combination with VinInfo software (Server-Basic package).
  • Combinations:
    It is possible to integrate the OxyBox in a VinInfo BUS installation, and manage it over the existing software.


Leaflet OxyBox

Leaflet Oxygenation-General


The central oxygen manager OxyBox is conceived for the application of oxygen in gas form to must and wine. The OxyBox can be applied in both micro- and macro-oxygenation.

The OxyBox stainless steel cabinet is water-proof and is conceived to be fitted on the cellar wall. It can contain up to 16 individual dosage controllers (oxygen modules), each of which can treat one tank at a time. An unlimited number of cabinets may be installed.
The OxyBox is equipped with sensitive sensors from the medical technology, thanks to which it is free from the influence of entry and exit pressure (height of must or wine). The unit reacts automatically and continuously to changing environmental conditions.

The OxyBox is enabled to be managed by the VinInfo software (option, Server-Basic package is necessary). Using the software distance control over the internet is possible (with TeamViewer or PC-Visit or similar).