BU Oxygen / VinInfo

BUS version, fixed installation


  • Fixed installation as part of a VinInfo installation
  • One BU Oxygen per tank - treatment of unlimited number of tanks with software management
  • One  pressure reducer needed per installation


  • Temperature limits:
    Temperature measurement function is integrated in the BU Oxygen. It allows the setting of operation within a temperature range (requires the temperature sensor).This allows oxygenation at the most favourable conditions for the most beneficial effect on the wine and beer, and serving as a safety measure of the oxygenation process.
  • Timer option:
    The timer-option frees the winemaker from having to control the dosing time manually. Micro-oxygenation can be set for three months in advance, releasing the winemaker from the need to remember to switch it off in time. This function is integrated in the BU Oxygen / VinInfo software. 


Leaflet OxyBus-VinInfo

Leaflet Oxygenation-General


For permanent installation, the fixed installed, BUS compatible version within the VinInfo system is recommended. The Basic Units (BU Oxygen) are installed nearby the tanks, each tank is regulated by its own BU. The BU Oxygen, just like any other component of the VinInfo installation, are operated through a Terminal or through a software installed on a server PC.

The BU Oxygen controls very precise addition of oxygen to a tank, dosage quantity and dosage times can be set. Due to the data storage in the VinInfo software dosage amounts and times can be repeated at any time, even after years. All systems controlled by VinInfo software can be distance-controlled over the internet (using TeamViewer or PC-Visit or similar).

An already existing VinInfo system can be upgraded to include this technology at any later time.