Tube-in-Tube Heat-Exchanger HE

Ideal for must-cooling


  • Wide range of models
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Made of stainless steel
  • With removable U-fittings (bow piece) for easy cleansing



  • Cooling or heating of must, wine and other liquids
  • Biological reduction of acids
  • Wine stabilization
  • Regulation of fermentation temperature


The Tubular heat-exchangers from the series HE are made all in stainless steel. They are designed for both cooling and heating of must and wine and other liquids. Cooling with water or Glycol water.

In general, the tubular heat-exchangers are being used for cooling or heating of liquids containing particles (e.g. crushed destemmed grapes, grape juice, must etc).

We offer a wide range of tubular heat-exchangers in various models, sizes and build-forms, with or without frames and feet. Please contact us to receive more information about the tube-in-tube heat-exchanger that would be most suitable for your application.

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