Most of our products are 'plug-and-play' units, easy to install and to operate.
Nevertheless, it's sometimes useful to be shown how to really do it, or how to make some important adjustments on your unit.

This is the kind of assistance we try to provide with our 'How-To Videos'. For any further question - please contact us!

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NEW! MiniChilly Standard - How-To Video

The compact cooling unit MiniChilly, made of stainless steel, is an ideal solution for micro-breweries, hobby brewers and smaller wineries who only need cooling for their applications.
The MiniChilly is available in four sizes, with cooling capacities of 0,3 to 1,7 kW (0,40 to 2,21 HP). At 0°C (32°F) water temperature an ice-bank will be built around the tubes which provides an additional, stored cooling capacity. When used for flash-cooling, it boosts the capacity of the unit, giving a constant cooling temperature over a longer time period. An additional stainless steel coil for direct cooling of liquids can be integrated as an option, even afterwards. The MiniChilly is able to cool water down to -6°C using glycol.
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KSK Pump - How-To Video

The flotation unit KSK is suitable for the pre-clarification of white or red must by means of centrifugal pumping.
The KSK flotation unit is available in 6 sizes, with capacities between 6.000 and 50.000 l/h, dependent on the model size. The larger models - KSK 15.000, 20.000, 35.000 and 50.000 - arrive set on a stainless steel cart with wheels and brakes. The control board of the bigger KSK is set on the frame-handle at a convenient height.
These units are ideal for wineries and fruit juice producers for whom fast, safe and simple must clarification is of great importance.
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SR Series - How-To Video

The SR are mobile direct-cooling and heating units, consisting of a cooling aggregate in the upper part and a tubular heat exchanger in the lower part. Heating is performed in the Heat-Pump operation mode. The SR is designed to treat any substance from destalked-grapes to wine, sparkling wine, water, cider, fruit juice and distillates.
The cooling units of the SR series are available in seven different sizes / capacities, from 12 to 85 kW. They are ideal for small and medium wineries which require the option to heat their wine as well as to cool it and who want to benefit from great flexibility in use. Due to its direct treatment of the medium, the SR offers the most efficient way for cooling or heating.
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ChillyMax Series - How-To Video

The Chilly MAX unit has a compact design. It takes little space and is very easy to install and to start-up. The units are mobile on wheels. The same as the Chilly shelf-top units, the Chilly MAX is equipped with a with a hermetically closed motor compressor and with a complete cooling water circuit containing stainless steel water tank and centrifugal pump. Also, they contain an additional heater which is integrated inside a stainless steel water-tank.
The Chilly MAX is available in three sizes and capacities from 6,4 – 12,7 kW. It is the optimal solution for small to medium-size wineries, breweries, cideries, etc. that mainly wish to cool but that also need to heat their products from time to time.
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